Let’s talk about things!

I have a job! A full-time job in Vietnam with a bold title, “Marketing Executive” and I have no idea what I am doing. Bet I am not the only one. So I will make this post a personal thought to share with you what I ‘ve been doing and thinking. Please skip it if you are here for new marketing trend and innovative products.

How many of we ever wonder what exactly is your job? What’s exactly we are doing? Does our job title match with what you doing? Sometimes, the title is Marketing Executive but I also do Admin and Accounting paperwork. That’s how my job got me.

For many years I’ve been living in Australia, studying and hoping to do something that could break the ground and mark my name on the universe. I dreamt big. Until reality hit me. Not that I am getting de-motivated but I do have conversations inside my head.

I studied Marketing at Monash University and Communication and Media in my Master degree. How far it suppose to take me? Expectation: A lot. Reality: Not really. I am lost. Fitting in Australian working then changing into Vietnamese working environment is tough. In Saigon, we do things differently. Our deadline is not dead until three months after and our responsibility is the most common asset we share very often to avoid work. What have I learned in this job? Being extra-flexible is crucial.

What else did I learn? I studied Marketing but I can’t market myself to my colleagues and clients properly. I don’t know how to tell people who I am and what is the uniqueness about me.

I actually found that not only myself but many marketing agencies that I spoke to during my work admit that they are doing great jobs for customers but struggling marketing themselves. The possible reasons could be:

  1. I m doing a good job and it’s enough.
  2. I don’t understand myself
  3. I find it less necessary marketing myself since I have enough customers to keep me busy
  4. I am satisfied with what I am having
  5. Let keep it pure famous

Whatever reason I tick above, they are just excuses and I know it very well. People know it very well. Thinking we doing a good job will prove the marketing is unnecessary? What if our resume didn’t even go past the client’ eyes because we didn’t market it properly. I didn’t spend too much time on my resume and I just got them submitted and I regret soon after it sent. Sometimes we underestimate the situation, I understand. Or in my case, what I relied on called “destiny” – a fancy idea that successful people never allow themselves to be lazy and wait for that magic. Believe it or not, it could blow our opportunities away. The more I do this job, the more I remind myself to be as much careful in doing things as possible, especially when talking to clients and suppliers. These conversations are the time you market yourself and represent the company to the max. Just a simple thank you or a bit more details in your brief could make a difference.

Don’t think Marketing as a multi-million campaign that you need 20 meetings and 200 coffee cups to complete. Let’s take it as simple as presenting You and representing your company NICELY and PROFESSIONALLY in the everyday situation.

I will wrap up this post by saying I am still in the cultural shock recovery. And from time to time I am still struggling to fit in the new work environment in Vietnam. Even it sounds really boring and challenging, I believe that all experiences are worthy to try my best. Maybe the next post I will share to you how I got promoted to the Marketing Manager. Who knows? So, be positive!

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