1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment. My posts on my blog are aimed to provide information and sharing thoughts. Most of my sources is from the media (websites, newspapers, magazines, other blogs, school library, etc). I do not have any business service or selling purpose at the moment. May I ask which kits you are mentioning here?
      Thank you.



  1. Trying to find effective online marketing that isn’t full of BS? I apologize for sending you this message on your contact form but actually that was the whole point. We can send your ad text to sites via their contact forms just like you’re getting this ad right now. You can specify targets by keyword or just fire off bulk blasts to sites in any country you choose. So let’s say you need to send a message to all the mortgage brokers in the USA, we’ll scrape websites for just those and post your ad text to them. Providing you’re promoting a product or service that’s relevant to that business category then you’ll get an awesome result!

    Send a quick message to muhammad2435tay@gmail.com for the full details



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