#HeforShe campaign

HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all.”heforshe.org

HeForShe (also He For She) is a campaign led by United Nations Women, in which men worldwide are encouraged to speak out against the inequalities faced by women and girls. This campaign was launched on September 20, 2014 at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City, by Emma Watson, a UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador,  and is co-led by Wolf Blitzer. The campaign is known as a “solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other of humanity, for the entirety of humanity”. Let’s look at this campaign from a perspective of a Marketer and treat it as a Marketing campaign in this post.

This campaign is spreading globally through social media, Facebook, Twitter, website and news.

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Since the rumor that Emma Watson could be the next victim of nude photos when the campaign first launched, people around the world and famous celebrities are supporting her with their strong emotions and angers.


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However, how funny it is when the end the “nude photos” scandal turned out to be another marketing campaign belongs to a Marketing Agency. We can’t deny that this scandal contributed to widespread #heforshe campaign for a couple days and push it to a higher level of awareness with strong emotions among social media users. But then come to the question, “What should we do next?”. With a long term campaign like #heforshe, the organization is prepared to fight for it, get plans to raise awareness and be ready to face negative publicity. One scandal with Emma Watson is enough, not able to go with a long term marketing strategy.

Recently, the Channels Fashion Show happened during Paris Fashion week 3 days ago raised the wave of digital news and online world because of #heforshe.

On dazedigital.com, Zing Tsjeng wrote:

“The show invitation promised a ticket to Boulevard Chanel, with the Grand Palais transformed into a wide Parisian street like the ones that saw student rioters battling police in ’68. But the real meaning behind the reference only became clear when Cara Delevingne led the walk-out with a speakerphone, shouting “Come on!” like a call to battle. Fellow AW14 campaign star Binx Walton followed with the rest of the models, armed with placards unveiling Chanel’s political intentions behind SS15: “Make Fashion Not War”, “Ladies First”, “Feministe Mais Feminine” (“Feminist But Feminine”) and the slightly more arch “Be Your Own Stylist”. Roaming photographers leapt from the sidelines and onto the runway to snap Karl’s freedom fighters.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.00.33 pm

We enjoyed a Channel Fashion show with all beautiful designs and gorgeous models who look so bright and shine to fight for female, catching attention in the most comfortable ways. This is very smart and surprising! Every one Tweet about it. Every news mentions about it. The campaign is well supported by one of the biggest, strongest brand and best well known around the world. What else can be better?

The guardian.com stated in their article on 1st Oct, “It would be naive to take this show too seriously. But a well-meaning joke is surely a far better thing than a nasty one.”

After this event, the question for UN is again “What to do next?”. I believe we are expecting some digital wave and trend called #heforshe will wipe out social network in a short period of time. What you think about these 2 current events that rising awareness about #heforshe through social media? Please leave your comments below to share your thoughts. And if you are a gentleman, please don’t forget to join #heforshe. Details on http://www.heforshe.org/

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  1. Presumably Emma was chosen as an ambassador because she’s a high-profile and model example (scandal free). While reminding people that gender equality is important, it’s not just women’s job to work on this… Both genders have to debate equally in campaigns like these to avoid conflict of interests and controversies.

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