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“We break all the rules. This is a fashion show created by you and for you!” – Selena Gomez 

Adidas NEO Label just hosted a different kind of fashion show in New York on Sept 3rd 2014. While most fashion brands carefully control their runway looks, Adidas NEO Label instead asks their fans and followers, young fashion bloggers around the world voting to create the show with outfits they liked best. Adidas’s NEO clothing line knows this and has taken things a step further, inviting its teen fans take this beauty ritual from their bedrooms to the stage through the world’s first tweet-powered digital fashion show. And Selena Gomez, the global  brand ambassador, opened and closed the show and went through the final looks, backstage to the team of teen fashion bloggers. The fashion show also marked the launch of the Adidas NEO Label Spring “Live Your Style” Campaign, fronted by Selena Gomez.


According to digiday.com, the actual content of the show was crowd-sourced to the core, chosen by fans who voted on every detail — from lighting, to music, to makeup, hair and outfits, and even set design. Fans of the edgy-yet-affordable fare used Twitter’s in-card voting mechanism to choose between several options, contributing to a total of 116,735 votes, out of which 8,940 votes were gathered on the day of the show itself, including for the first look on the runway and the first song to play. With the spreading on the Addidas Neo Twitter account and Facebook page (more than 321k followers), Addidas Neo Facebook account (more than 2.3M followers) and Selena Twitter account (more than 23.2M followers), this campaign went viral on social media. Thousand young teenagers and followers who love fashion and spread out this campaign by using hashtags and voting and encourage their friends to vote for the runway.

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Claire Midwood, VP, Adidas NEO Label, said: “We’ve given teens unrivaled access to the inner workings of the NEO Label. It was their show, a celebration of the hearts and minds of NEOLovers all over the world.” While fans across the globe participated virtually, a team of young global fashion bloggers worked behind the scenes to bring the show to life. These #NEOrunway interns worked backstage with industry experts, managing styling, photography, videography and social media reporting on the show (digiday.com).

The campaign is reaching to young fans and customers, gone viral in a short period of time and bring the NEO runway show to a different more successful level where not only professional stylists and designers, but also young wonderful talented teams from around the world and teens fashion bloggers contribute to it.

Did you hear about this campaign and have you ever voted for this? Do you think Addidas should expand this fashion runway model in the future to attract customers and young talented people to work for the brand? Is there any disadvantages in this case? Please share your comments below to discuss further.








  1. Everytime i see clothing companies like Adidas, Nike, Gap…. I think of their sweatshop practices. While the campaigns featuring the disney star seem harmless, realistically she’s constantly faced with many accusations of Adidas’s manual workers being employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions. Thus, being a face of this campaign may be a good thing after all….. Not.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Elizabeth! Seems like Brand Manager of Celebrities is not an easy job at all 🙂 How to gain profit by cooperating with a big brand and keep the celebrity’s brand growing stronger without any harm or low risk is a puzzle. However, in this case, I guess the key point is they have been using social media in well manage to marketing both brand name and the celebrity to promote for their events and products and more importantly is it’s gone viral! So at least from this perspective, they are success!



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