BBC Panorama – Factories produce Apple products in China and Indonesia: terrible condition!

BBC just released a documentary about Apple’s factories in China and Indonesia. BBC found terrible facts about work conditions and very low standard in these factories, where people – workers be treated like in Army factories, working at least 12 hours, fall asleep while working, standing and sleeping during short breaks, 12 people in a dorm room for 8 etc. The documentary points out that Apple broke their promises about working conditions and even it’s could be quick and easy for them to address the issue, Apple hasn’t put any effort to solve the problem. Even when BBC told Apple about what they found, Apply reply did not satisfy people’s expectation. BBC even did a deeper research on Apple supply chain and the more they found, the more disappointed we feel.

However, there are many contrast opinions on this issue. It cannot be denied that this is a very common fact in Asian countries, common working condition in China and Indonesia in lots of factories, not only Apple. All electronic companies depend on the rare material that people destroy land and find the mineral mine. The question I have in mind is why Apple is the only name pointed out in this issue? Why not Microsoft, Blackberry, Samsung or any other name? Why we keep hearing this issue over and over again pointed out that Apple should be shame about this. Remember that some competitors of Apple from China. Is this their strategy to show people the negative side of production so they could compete Apple in a secret way? Nobody knows for sure, but this is a legal and illegal problem that Apple can’t just sit in their headquarters in California, US and look over the world from their window. I suggest what they should do now is taking action to prevent people’s anger and spreading bad information.

In the mean time, please check out this video and please leave your comments below. What you think Apple should do now?

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