Android Users and iPhone Users are different in characteristics???

An American Advertising company named Chitika revealed a report in Jan 22 stated that the American people who has a higher income and higher level of education tend to use iPhone more than Android. The study also mentions about iPhone users’ characteristics: “Smart and Educated people” use “Smart phone”.

Chitika is not the only company interested in this topic. A Pew study in 2013 discussed that men are more likely to use the Android phones than women.  Students at college and higher income level people are more likely to use iPhone than others.

Of course, these studies are not strong evidence to conclude iPhone users are smarter or richer. However, there are a few common characteristics of these users that we can “recognize”:

Group 1: Android users: male, deeply technical, hard thinking, more likely to be in technical field and work as a programmer.

Group 2: iPhone users: consumers rather than producers, addicted in social media and non for technical jobs; higher income, higher education level.

Which phone are you using right now? Are these surveys/studies somehow reflect your characteristic? Share your comments below to discuss further.


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