Dear Apple fans…

Dear Apple fans, 

Are you already sick of “i” products or just getting ready for whole new world of “i” technology that would change your life? 

Are you owning an iPod, iPhone, iMac, iTV? Are you queuing for iPhone 6 coming in this month? Forget about these few years old technology. The iWatch is coming! 


The iWatch is Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Some says this is surely one of the worst kept secrets in the history of consumer electronics. But it is certain that Apple will release this product very soon, despite the fact that this company still has not confirm or deny of this product existence. At the moment, researches show that Apple is under pressure to produce new product lines or true innovation to gain revenue in the short term future, which makes me believe that the launch of iWatch from Apple is coming, very soon. Even some analysts are already speculating on what form and shape this much anticipated Apple products will take.


The iWatch would be a base for Apple to move into the wearables market, a potential innovative and benefit market that some big brands are already in:Google Glass presents itself as a high-end wearable accessory and Samsung’s new Gear S, Sony smartwatch, etc. 


But wait, have you heard about iWallet? Apple Pay?


Last month, a new rumour leaked, people spreading that Apple’s iWallet, which could work closely with Visa’s Digital Solutions sometime in the next year or so. Sterling Wong reports for Minyanville wrote on Friday, May 10, 2013: “And for all the talk about the iWatch or Apple TV being the next game-changing innovation, it might be software innovation in the realm of mobile payments that proves to be Apple’s future stock catalyst”. Now that comes true. Here it is.

According to ValueWalk article in August this year, it is not that long ago that Apple launched its iBeacon location awareness technology, which is intended it to be a rival to the established Near Field Communications (NFC) system, and offer similar functionality to Apple users. If Apple could couple this technology with TouchID fingerprint scan capabilities then it could become a very attractive system for developers. Today in iPhone 6 launch, this company already introduced the new iPhones support Apple-branded mobile payments service called the Apple Pay. Apple Pay takes advantage of the iTunes billing system and your credit card on file. This feature requires NFC so it’s only supported on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which have an NFC chip. Imagine how wonderful it is!


Are you imagine this time next year you would be using your iWatch which be coupled with iWallet mobile payment platform to create a payment system which is truly hands-free? Do you feel excited already? Now forget about iPhone and iTV for a sec, Apple Watch and Apple Pay are your new product-to-own. 

To all Apple fans, I think you would have some hopes to your favourite brand that is it growing and maintain strong, stronger than ever. Beside, I think Apple loves rumours, rumours about their products, leaking photos of iPhone 6 when it was not released yet,… All of these are creating customer excitement and spreading out the news faster then any marketing campaign that they would have. Maybe this is their unique marketing strategy. And when the time comes to their new product event, the news are boom like dynamite.

Please leave some comments and tell me what you think. Are you in or are you not in the “excitement stage” and “waiting to buy” before their products launch? 



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