“Buy Button” – Would you buy?

9th Sep 2014, Scarlett Kilcooley-O’Halloran wrote on Vogue News about a new “buy button” just released by one of the most powerful social media channel nowadays: Twitter. “TWITTER has launched its first foray into e-commerce by unveiling a new “buy now” button – and Burberry is one of the first big-name brands to sign up”. It seems like compare to “like” and “follow” button on Facebook, “buy button” may be more powerful, encourage people to buy at the moment, easier and fast. Come along with this function, Twitter developed a new protection for customers personal information. When somebody clicks “buy”, he/she is asked to enter address and credit card information, that information will be encrypted and saved on Twitter so that they can buy things again without re-entering their inform. People are buying or donate money without living Twitter page.


This is the first time Twitter users experience the “discover and purchase” products they want or need. According to news.com.au, Facebook, which has more than 1.3 billion users, already started testing its own “Buy” button in July this year. Beside, some statistics show that companies want to increase customers base and revenue through advertising, in specific, “low cost social media advertising”. The online shopping competition environment is getting hot again.

At the moment, this “buy” feature will only be available to a small percentage of users in the US, but Twitter says that this will “grow over time”. Retailers like Burberry and The Home Depot are trialling the feature, as are a range of musicians including The New Pornographers and Megadeth. Twitter says that more artists and brands will be signing-up “soon”.

Marketers and users are expecting about a new fun online shopping experience on one of the strongest digital marketing channel of the world. Karen Stocks, managing director Twitter Australia said “While it’s only a limited test in the US for now, we are excited to see the consumer response and will be watching very closely to see how this new feature develops”.

Please leave your comment below tell me how do you feel about this new function on Twitter. Consider the security issue online these days, would you trust Twitter with your personal payment information?  Would you click “buy”?








  1. This is a clever strategy by twitter and I can see the appeal of the convenience of shopping this way and being able to wear exactly what your fav celeb is sporting but I don’t like the fact that your info and credit card details are stored by twitter. I personally wouldn’t click buy because I don’t really want one of the social media giants out there knowing not only all my personal details but also my credit card details.



    1. Yeah I agree that there is big issue about security on online world, specially event giant Google still cant protect ur emails (few days ago 5 millions Gmail passwords leaked) and somebody could hack your Facebook, what make he/she not hack your Twitter account? Credit card and personal informations are very sensitive, specially we are paying online too often, I would feel the same that I wont buy on Twitter. I prefer go to their website or through Paypal or in store (classic and effective) 🙂



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