Crazy sales tips!!!

Some shoppers wait until Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shop. But is it necessary to wait?

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Cnet magazine says that the online shopping event this year in US reached 3 billion in sales, 12 percent increased from last year. This is the largest online sales record in the US ever! The increasing online shopping become too convenient to say “no” for Australians to shop without visit US stores, especially in this time of the year. Many brands and online shopping sites are boosting their sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with extended few days sales.


Here are some tips for you to save and buy smart:

  1. Do your research. List out some items you want or need to buy. Maybe contribute to your wish list to watch out for the best deals.
  2. Notice the duration of the sale. Different sites, brands and retailers have different sales offers and policy. Make sure you are aware of this information for the next step.
  3. Compare different websites. This step helps you to buy your favorite items without regretting that you did not check out other sites for better deals. Compare the sales offers, quality of the products, duration of sales and shipping fee or any other price-related that matters.
  4. Watch out for early treats. Sign up for VIP list of the brands and online sites for early treats to get your items before it is sold out.
  5. Know your size. Buying online can be tricky because of different measurement applied to different sizes. UK, US, EU, AU, etc.. Knowing your size is important and it is “the must” if you are buying gifts for others.
  6. Be aware of the return policy. In case you are guessing about sizes, make sure you check out the return policy and return fee (if applicable) and the delivery/return deadlines.


Let’s face the truth that shopping online is not easy. We can be overwhelmed by beautiful, convenient or cheap products. However, let’s set our limit before we shop online to prevent overspending and difficulty paying our credit cards. But after all, this time of the year is all about enjoying yourself and spoiling your loved ones. Many discounts involved can be a big saving spend for you and bring massive joy for all.

If you are a fan of online shopping, please share any tips or experiences you have to maximize the benefits of sales.




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